My business and passion is centered exclusively around wall portraits because of the personal way they enhance home décor and the warm fuzzy feeling we get by reflecting on our relationships with the people in the photographs.

Our home never feels empty, even when we're home alone.

Occasionally people will ask me for computer files, Facebook files and other electronic related uses for my portraits and these are things I don't provide. It goes against my philosophy of timeless portraiture, since they'll be used for fleeting and throw away non permanent devices. Cell phone pictures are better suited for that purpose. And taking my files and having Costco print them???? Seriously??

I realize some newer photographers designed their business around these trends, but it's not a philosophy I subscribe to. My passion is wall portraits.

My black and white portraits are made using the finest archival methods and materials, and are framed in the same museum quality manner. My color portraits are printed on elite quality canvas and ready to be framed. All aspects of this process from concept to framing are performed by me. Not some distant lab, retoucher or framer. No one touches any aspect of the process except me, and I'm pretty picky.

So the philosophy is pretty simple:

It's flattering, it lasts forever and it hangs on your walls.