I started my journey into portrait photography professionally in 1976. I studied my craft with all the greats at the time, and had a wonderful time learning the art of photography.  When I sold my business ten years later and moved to Los Angeles, I immersed myself in documentary photography, while in my spare time photographed head shots for actors.

 In 1992 when I moved to the Bay Area I made the decision to come back to portraiture and specialize in black and white. I've always loved the purity and simplicity it represented as well as the timelessness it evoked. Also not wishing to deal with the day to day trials and tribulation of a downtown studio, I embarked on running my business out of my home. This was very freeing and allowed me to spend far more time with my customers and deal with them directly instead of through assistants and staff.

Something I pride myself on is the ability to press the shutter when the subject is at its most revealing, that millisecond when the planets align and the magic happens.

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